The Review Board is funded from Subhead B10 of the Vote of the Office of the Minister for Justice and Equality.

In 2018 the Board received €400,000. The Board’s total expenditure was €414,149, of which €101,000 was spent on pay.     

Governance Board Members Remuneration 

The Review Board is a semi-judicial body which reviews the detention of patients detained in the Central Mental Hospital.  It is not a governance board and does not have governance board members.  

Board Members' Fees

The Chairman of the Board is paid an annual fee of €70,875.  

Board members are paid a fee of €250 per case reviewed. A total of €107,500 was spent on Board members' fees in 2018. 

Legal Aid Scheme Fees

Schedule of fees for legal representation before the Board. The total amount spent on free legal aid in 2018 was €113,691.